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WME: Web-based Mathematics Education

Top-ten Advantages of WME

  1. Classroom readiness and accessibility
  2. Adaptable and customizable
  3. Teacher support, convenience, and control
  4. Open, portable and interoperable
  5. Integrated, dynamic, and interactive
  6. Instant assessment and feedback
  7. Concepts not steps
  8. Sharing of expertise and educational methods
  9. Aiding parents and at-home students
  10. Hands-on and self-paced

WME Overview

WME is a modern distributed system on the Web for mathematics education. The WME system conforms to open standards, works with regular browsers, delivers integrated and complete lessons, enables easy customization, provides systematic access to client-side and server-side support, and allows these independently developed components to interoperate seamlessly. In short WME seeks to create a Web for Mathematics Education to foster a new paradigm for supporting and delivering mathematics education, and to help mathematics curricula improve exponentially.

To find out more about WME and how to get WME to your school please visit the WME Project Site.

Lesson Organization

Related WME lessons are grouped into modules such as percentages, equvalence and taking chances. Each module may have a number of lessons, typically a dozen or so. Modules are grouped into content areas such as specified by the NCTM curriculum standard:

  • Number and Operations
  • Algebra
  • Measurement
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis and Probability
  • Problem Solving

WME at Kimpton

Sample Lessons