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Browser Setup for WME

Setting Up MS Internet Explorer (IE)

WME works well with IE. Just install these plugins first.

Setting Up Firefox (Recommended)

WME is working increasing well with Firefox. Firefox 1.5 and above is required. The latest version is 2.0. We still need to port the MathEdit tool to work under Firefox.

  • Firefox supports MathML natively, all you need is to install math fonts. After installing the fonts, test MathML display on your browser by visiting this page.
  • Firefox supports SVG natively. No plugin for SVG is needed.

Testing Your Browser

After setting up and restarting your browser, please test both MathML and SVG from the following links:

  • MathML: Test MathML display on your browser by visiting this page.
  • SVG: Visit the following link and you should see geometry displayed.

    Please make sure Firefox is at least version 1.5. If the SVG works, you should see manipulatives shown one by one in the rectangle area.

    You can also click the "Try GeometryEditor authoring" on the right to see if the whole GeoSVG authoring