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Meaning of Equal

Gold BalanceMathematics deals with quantities and considers their relations. One important relation is equivalence. If two quantities are equal in value we say they have an equivalence relationship.

Two numbers can be equal. Or one can be bigger than the other.

Thus we use notations such as

12 = 8 + 4    ("=" means "is equal to")

9 > 5         (">" means "is greater than")

7 - 1 < 7     ("<" means "is less than")

To better understand equivalence, let's perform an experiment.

  1. Create a 31 weight and drag it to one side of the balance.
  2. Create a 2 weight and a 3 weight.
  3. Drag multiple 2's and 3's to the other side of the balance. Your job is make the two sides come out equal.

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