7th Grade Section
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Eating Out

Apple PieAfter a hectic week with much work and activities, it is Friday, how wonderful. You go out with your family for a sit-down meal. From the menu the whole family orders.

We have reproduced a typical memu here. Use this menu to enter your order. When you are done ordering, we'll look at the bill and figure out the tip, the tax, among other things.


  • If 50% of the cost of your meal actually goes to pay labor at the restaurant, what is the labor cost for your meal? (Type just a number, without any dollar sign.)

  • If you wish to leave 10% tip based on the total before tax, how much is your tip?

  • Let's say the eat-in sales tax is 5%. Please figure out the tax amount and enter it here:

  • What if you wish to leave a 15% tip?

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