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Rolling Numbered Cubes

three dice In many games of chance, a pair of numbered cubes is rolled together.

Each cube has six faces. When you toss a cube the chance of any face coming up is the same. It is one in six.

This picture shows Chinese-style cubes with rounded corners and edges. In the US, we use perfect cubes with sharp edges and corners.

  1. Customize the objects your want. Click any object to customize the object(s). Try rolling the object(s) below and see what you get.


    As you perform many rolls, the above table keeps track of how many times (the count) a particular sum of two cubes has shown up.

  2. When you roll many many times, you will see which sums happen more often than others. Try speed rolling:

    Set number of Rolls:     

    Please wait for the speed roll to finish.

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