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Playing Cards: Drawing 5 Cards

UNO Cards Many games involve using playing cards. A card deck may contain different suits where each suit have the same number of cards. Players draw from the card deck to play different games. UNO is a fun game that is very popular.

Let's say we have a card deck with four suits: red, green, blue, and black. Each suit has 13 cards numbered sequentially. How many cards are in this deck?


  1. Try drawing up to five cards from the deck. You can shuffle the deck at any time.


    ? ? ? ? ?

    If the card deck is shuffled well, then the cards are mixed in a random fashion and each freshly shuffled deck presents a sequence of cards that can hardly be predicted.

  2. If you make one draw from this deck, how many different possible outcomes (or possibilities) are there?   possibilities.  

  3. How about making two draws (first draw and second draw) from the same deck? Order matters. For example, drawing 6 and 9 is considered different from drawing 9 and 6.

  4. Ah, you say why does order matter. If you get a 9 and a 6 what does it matter which one you draw first? You are right. We are interested in the combination of cards, not their permutations (different card ordering).
    So if you draw two cards, what is the number of possible 2-card combinations?

  5. What is the number of different combinations if you draw 3 cards?

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