7th Grade Section
WME@Kimpton Middle

Bar Graphs

Bar GraphThe bar graph shows the total number of student absences on different days of the week over a single semester at an Ohio middle school. The height of the bars represents the number of absences.

Look at the bar graph and answer these questions.

  1. What is the number of total absences on Thursdays?   .

  2. How many more absences are on Thursdays than on Wednesday?   .

  3. Which day of the week has the most abscences?   .

  4. Create an empty chart with this button:

    Click on the labels at the baseline to increase/decrease the bar.

  5. Get a new chart and create a bar graph for this data set in the above chart.

    Monday: 50 absences; Tuesday: 20 absences; 
    Wednesday: 10 absences; Thursday: 30 absences; Friday: 70 absences; 

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