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WME Briefing at OBR (Friday 8/25/2006)


  1. Kimpton site, Go to 7th grade, Percent, Motivation.
  2. Real-life motivation demo: basketball
  3. Real-life connection demo: symbols for numerals
  4. Teacher Guide: Module overview demo
  5. Teacher to student Q&A (go to page admin, pwang, 1234)
  6. Interactive Learning (SVG-based Manipulative)
  7. Manipulative customization demo (click on the die to customize)
  8. Geometry maniplative demo1, Geometry maniplative demo2
  9. Dinning Out customization demo (how)
  10. Formula Editor and Curve Plotting (Use IE and complete loading of popup)
  11. Formula Editor and Derivative Checking (Use IE and complete loading of popup)
  12. Teacher tablet demo (use tools menu)
  13. Equation and plot of straight line demo
  14. Lesson building demo (mikusa:open)
  15. Assessment demo
  16. Customizing Lessons (lesson editing)


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